Midterm 1

21 Oct

Dear Students,

Midterm 1 will be next week, so you need to know the following:

Material: Ch2, ch3, ch4, tutorial 1,2,3,4

Date : Sunday 26 Oct. 2014

Time: 3-5


L.Esra’s students —————————> G47

Dr.Meriam’s students ———————–> G50

Dr.Najwa + Dr.Souad students ————-> G40

Good Luck :)

Research Project

21 Oct

Dear Students,

Research project is uploaded now check RA + PA page.
Note that:

1) You need to formulate a group of 2 students from the same section.

2) Open the project file and choose your preferred topic, make sure your choice is not chosen before from other group in the same section (by checking the excel sheet).

3) In your Excel sheet enter member’s names and your choice of topic.

4) Deadline is: 11 Dec. 2014

5) Excel sheet for each section:
L.Esra’s Excel sheet
Dr.Meriam Excel sheet
Dr.Souad’s Excel sheet
Dr.Najwa’s Excel sheet

6) Please contact your lecturer in the lab for any enquiries.

Good Luck :)

Quiz1 grades for L.Esra’s section

20 Oct

Dear Students,
Please check the Grades page for you quiz result :)

Dr. Meriam Section

19 Oct

A lecture is planned tomorrow instead of a tutorial from 1h to 3h in G11.

Quiz 1 results (Dr. Souad’s section)

19 Oct

Dear Students,

Here are your quiz 1 results.


19 Oct

Dear Students,


Homework1 is now uploaded check tutorial page.

Submission date: 27 /Oct. / 2014

Time: Max. 12 P.M.

Place: room 119 (put it in your section’s box) 

Quiz 1 results (Dr. Najwa’s section)

14 Oct

Dear Students,

Here are your quiz 1 results. You did a great job :D



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