Important notes about All tutorials

25 Dec

Dear Students,
This is an important notes about all tutorials :D

Tutorial 2:
• In state presentation you need to represent the state as symbols if the states are countable.
• In the state space diagram make sure to write the action in each arc to explain how you got this new state.
Tutorial 3:
• In DFS, BFS, IDS, and DLS we need to check the goal before inserting in the frontier.
• DFS and IDS use a stack while BFS uses a queue.

Tutorial 4:
• In Best First Search the value of H(n) is always zero for the goal node.
Tutorial 5:
• In CSP the problem formulation consist of Domain, constrain, and variables.
Tutorial 6:
• In using principle of proof by contradiction, to show that KB ╞ α, we show that (KB ⋀ ⌉ α ) is unsatisfiable.
• In Q1.b ⌉P12 ⋀ P12 yield an empty clause which is not equal to false.
Tutorial 7:
• Each constant symbol names exactly one object in a universe of discourse, but:
o not all objects have symbol names;
o some objects have several symbol names.
• Usually denoted with upper-case first letter.
o e.g. Wumpus, Ali.

Tutorial 8:
• In Q2: To prove that the animal is cheetah we need to prove Rule 9 and to prove it we need to prove Rule 5 OR Rule 6, in this case we will use Rule 5 first because it has smallest number if it is work OK otherwise we will try Rule 6.
Tutorial 9:
• A fact is always, unconditionally, true.
• A rule specifies a thing that is true if some condition is specified. It has:
o a condition part (right hand side of the rule).
o a conclusion part (left hand side of the rule).


Semester grades – Dr. Souad

24 Dec

Dear students,
The semester grades of Dr. Souad` section have been uploaded on the grades page.

Well done and be ready for the final exam


Grades Ms.Esra’s section

24 Dec

Dear Smart Excellent Students,

This is your grades out of 60:


NOTE: We consider the best of two quizzes  ;) 

and if you had an issue about your grades do not hesitate to contact me before the final exam :) 

PROUD of you all, and very happy that I got the chance for the second time to teach most of you.

Wish you all the best :D <— Highlight here


Students need to contact Ms. Esra Urgent

24 Dec

For the following Students please contact Ms.Esra ( as soon  as possible before today 4 P.M.


















Final Exam

24 Dec

Dear Students,

Here we are at the final stage in AI course we wish you all the best.

Please not Chapter 1 is not included however all other materials that we use it during this semester is part of the final exam.

The exam will be on Sunday 28/12/2014 (8-11 A.M.)

The exam room will be as follows:

Ms Esra section ——> G 47

Dr.Meriam Section —-> G 50

Dr.Souad and Dr.Najwa —–> G 40

Make sure to bring with you pen, pencil, eraser, … etc.

Good Luck :)

Dr. Najwa’s section: Grades

23 Dec

Dear girls,

Here are your grades. You did fantastic :)

Note that the best of 2 quizzes was taken, and that the grade is out of 55, because the homework grades are not finalized.


Homework Grades

22 Dec

Dear Students,

please check your homework grades. If you have any comment, please contact us as follows :

For Homework 1 and 2 : Ms. Esra – Time:  23rd of December from 9-10 and 11-12.

For Homework 3 and 4 : Ms. Sumayah – Time: 28th of December from 11-12.

best regards,


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